Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.

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MilkyWay by AspaPhotographyhttp://ift.tt/U06gJO

The Deep Sky in Triangulum
Image Credit: Gregg Ruppel

Dancing at Milky Way by Kin Wah Wong

Side of the road inside Yellowstone.  Dinner and a show.

 “Aurora over Lagoon”  by Josh Anon

Capella descending (by Ben_Coffman)

astrowomyn asked: DSLR's are da bessssssss (although serious dolla dolla).

^^So I’ve noticed. I looked into many, and they are lovely but pricey!

Anonymous asked: Have you ever done your own astrophotography? I tried this past summer, but my camera had trouble focusing in the dark.

No, not in a proper manner.
My iPhone somehow managed to catch Mars when it was really bright, and maybe one other bright object in space, but that’s about it.

I’m really trying to save up for a good camera! I enjoy photography as it is, so I’d have a ball at combining that interest with astronomy :P

Any camera recommendations and/or tips, followers?


Celebrating the first Muslimah in space, Anousheh Ansari

As a child, she dreamed of walking among the stars. Now a successful technology entrepreneur, this Iranian-American made her dream come true with a trip to outer space. 

This is such excellent news!!! I’d like to point out that not only her religion matters; (since “Muslimah” is mentioned in the headline) she is from Iran, and Middle Easterners deserve this type of recognition. :)
There’s a difference between being Muslim and being Middle Eastern (obviously). Extremely diverse Muslims shouldn’t always be lumped into one category in these achievements and have other crucial aspects of their culture erased.


IC 1396 Mosaic by John.R.Taylor (www.cloudedout.squarespace.com) on Flickr.Tramite Flickr:
2 panel mosaic. 3 hours of each Ha & OIII in each panel totalling 12 hours exposure time.
Imaged with an Altair 6” RC Atik 460ex & processed in Pixinsight and CS5.